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Our Product & Services


Peer to Peer Courier Aggregator

Travier is a Novel service aggregator bringing the Travel and Courier services together. Travier is an original next-generation service, changing how courier sending and traveling experience happens in our country. Delivering on the mission "for the people, by the people," we are essentially restructuring the already existing structure of connected Courier sending and Traveling processes. Travier relishes upon the essence of INDIANESS, centered on the core cultural belief of Trust, Help, and Reward.


Customized High-End FPGA Microprocessor

CHEFP-MP offers a customized experience to users via offering extensive functionalities including IO interfaces, High-Speed, and Reliability. CHEF-MP is cost-effective and indeed it caters the wide industrial as well as academic needs.

Versatility in Application

Our products are backed by enormous research and analysis. We believe in Make in India scheme and additionally being ready for serving the Global audience as well.


Full Customer Experience Service

We believe in sustainable growth and opportunities and that's why we always prefer our user needs and queries. We are available 24x7 for any queries.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem


You Tell We Make

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