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We are here to help you to find your own FPGA requirement with our expertise


Making simple to use extra high end peripherals with an advanced designing concepts.


Designing your board as
per your requirement


Chef-MP has long-term plans
for Service/Repair of Board

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Electronic industry has simulations and prototyping as their important segments since a long period. Electronic companies design the hardware dedicated to their products with their standards and protocols which makes it challenging for the end users to reconfigure the hardware as per their needs. This requirement for hardware led to the growth of a new segment of customer-configurable field programmable integrated circuits called Customized FPGAs.



CHEF-MP (Customized High End FPGA with Multi-processing) is an ambitious project, which deals with the customization of FPGA controller with resource optimization by accommodating the more number of essential peripherals at low cost for R&D activities in academia and Industries. The main vision of this project to help the researcher of industries and academia to excel in the field of defense, energy, electrical vehicles, mechatronics and communication.

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