Today’s competitive and fast-paced world, it has become absolutely necessary for professionals to stay updated with the latest technology so that they can implement it and help their company to achieve a swift growth in terms of both business expansion and revenue generation. This may not only help their organizations to perform exceptionally well but also help the organizations to stay ahead in the race. Thus, it would prove out to be beneficial and a wise choice for organizations if they get their professionals to get trained in the latest technology to meet the challenges of the complex nature of the business environment.

Professional Presentation

Training & Workshop

Summer/Winter Training Program

If you are an engineering student or pursuing graduate/post-graduate level IT degree then you may have already heard the term “Summer Training”. This training are important because it is the best way to acquire and clear your concepts about your respective fields.


For -


  • All students undergoing B.Tech /B.E / MCA, M.Sc. IT, B.Sc.IT,BCA, PGDCA

  • Passout students can also apply.

  • Students in the 6th semester year can undergo this program to do Industrial Training, as a mandatory part of their curriculum.

  • Professionals.

courses for 4 & 6 weeks.  Courses in Summer Training Program in MATLAB are exclusively devised for all branches


We organize workshops to fulfill the following objectives.

  • Promote Machine learning, Data science, Power Electronics & Artificial Inte;;igence

  • Bring together experts and expertise on a different platform

  • Provide enough exposure to students of these market trends and direction

  • Create an avenue for students to interact with MATLAB/Embedded industry/scientific community


workshops focus on enhancing the knowledge and perception of students of MATHEMATICS and MATLAB.

duration of workshops can be of 2/3/4/5 days depending on the understanding level of trainee and time limit. 

Corporate Training 

More importantly, at times when an organization has passed through difficult situations and approached Logier for IT Consulting Services, Project Development, and Business Management Consulting Services, Logier out-of-the-box workable strategies and solutions have helped its clients to pull themselves out of the rut and make noticeable advancement as per their business objectives.


From a professional’s point of view, one of the main upsides of being proactive and updated with the latest technology is that the professional will become a valuable asset to the organization and will get promoted to managerial level at a young age. Besides being equipped with the latest technology and sound knowledge about its implementation, along with high competitive spirit and confidence, their value in the job market will be high -- which increases their chances of earning a lucrative salary.

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