With the help of digital marketing, data analytics, visualization, survey, historical data analysis, social media campaign by embedding scientific approach make your chance of a win in an election highly probable.

Crowd Protesting

Election Consultancy

What we do

From the Loksabha election, State-assembly elections, local-body elections, or even the panchayat poll, we provide our specialized election consultancy services and strategies to both individual candidates and political parties. Logier team and our data analyst and volunteers are distributed all over the areas where elections are due to be held in the coming months. 

We identify your voters, analyze the mood of voters , Introducing candidate to public, branding, advertising, Social media campaigning,  market and position them among the right voters, put the best planning in place, and achieve the required results for our candidate.



Political Strategy & Management

Branding of candidate

Press & Media Management

Election Campaign Management

Analytics & Political Intelligence

Digital Media Management

Bigdata & Voters Information Management

Political Advisory Services

Social Media Management

Advisory Services regarding Legal formalities pertaining to Representation of People Act-1951

Drafting Political Party Constitution and other pertinent legal formalities 


We have a network of consultants, Social Media Experts, content Writers Political Analysts, Strategists, Media Professionals, Advertising Professionals and Data Scientosts across India.

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